Friday, June 12, 2015

Adventures in Yosemite National Park part 1

We have been up in Yosemite Lakes Thousand Trails right outside Yosemite National Park for 3 weeks without any phone service or internet. But I can’t complain we have had the best time up here and as a Bonus we met up with some great friends Liz and Shorty Guptill. By day we did some awesome sight seeing and at night we played some cards.
But first I must tell you about the route we had to take to get there, Hwy 120… OMG is all I can say. There is a road which is part of Hwy 120, called New Priest Road, it is 8 LONG, SLOW miles of 8% steep grade straight UP with constant switchbacks of 15 and 20 mph. Ed did a great job driving the coach up that scary road and pulling the Jeep. I kept busy by taking pictures and telling myself it’s going to be fine. All the while holding my breath… LOL  Needless to say we decided once we had to leave the park I would drive the Jeep down and we would hook up once we were down the squiggly. Yes, that is the only word I can find to describe that part of the road, and from now on it will be known as “The Squiggly”
Our adventure started out the day after we arrived on May 6th. We spent the day in Yosemite National Park. This park is simply breathtaking. The pictures do NOT do the park justice. But will give you an idea of the beauty here in USA.
Shorty heard there was Frog jumpin’ Contest in Angel’s Camp a few miles away, so on Saturday 5/16/15 we headed into town only to find a Big Fair going on. The Frog Jumpin Contest was very interesting…
We also caught a glimpse of Mark Twain himself.
Then there was this unique Gypsy traveling wagon…
You just never know what your going to find at one these quaint small town fairs.
Then it was back to camp to rest up for our next outing.
Now that we have our internet back, I will be catching up on my Blog a little at a time, I don’t want to swamp you all at one time. I know I’m behind but we are still out doing great things for me to share with all of you…
So until next time, Happy Trails and Safe Travels.