Thursday, February 25, 2016

Holiday Adventures

Hey Y'all
Being back in Texas for the holidays is a very busy time. Just like everyone we spent our Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years with family and friends. We have been having so much fun with wonderful pot lucks and playing numerous games not to mention meeting new friends there hasn't been any time to post new adventures. But I hope to get back in the swing of updates this spring. We will be traveling through the summer with our good friends Janice and Rick Binns. We will start out in the Big Bend National Forest and then head north to the Great Lakes stopping by the Winnebago factory in Iowa to get our slide fixed. If you remember back in California we had some major repairs done after the hubs had a run in with a boulder at Lake of the Springs Thousand Trails. Well it messed up the slide which was NOT completely fixed at the time the other repairs were done, now the slide is not working properly. Progressive insurance has agreed to let the factory fix it properly. Yeah! Then we will head over to the east coast starting with Niagara Falls to Washington DC and any other major sight we may come across while heading south for the winter.

Here is just a few pictures I would like to share with y'all which I have accumulated over the past few months...
Luckenbach Tx Feb 2016

Bandara Tx... Cowboy Marti Gras Feb 2016

Thanks for stopping by, check back real soon...
Until next time Happy Trails and Safe Travels.