Saturday, March 4, 2017

Adventures on Land and Water

After leaving Canada and the beautiful Falls we headed over to Wisconsin for a while. First up on the agenda was The Soo Locks, Sault Ste Marie
 where some of the largest and oldest ships passed through on the Great Lakes.
Then after Detroit it was onto Washington DC...
Ford Museum, Niagara Falls and Washington DC  (pics of DC are the bottom of the link)
Oh wee it was HOT all 3 days we were there... We had a great time, the double decker bus tour is a great way to see everything. We had great tour guide too. Funny and very knowledgeable of the town. I enjoyed the night tour the best. Did I mention it was HOT? Man o Man... On the second day I had the idea to take some frozen grapes (great instead of water and easier to tote around). Ed and I would pop a couple in our mouths every now and then to keep cool. Low and behold the security guy at the Capitol building made us throw them away. Oh well... Had we known to tell the guard Ed was a diabetic we could've kept the grapes, live and learn. Good to know for later...

Until we meet again. Happy Trails and Safe Travels.