Friday, April 17, 2015

Our Next Cali Adventure Ahead

Before leaving San Benito Thousand Trails 04/14/15 we had heard about this awesome Farmers Market called “Casa de Fruta” so of course we had to check it out. Once we got there it seemed as if it were just a place to take small children and a big tourist trap. The fruit and vegetables prices were outrageous. Luckily on the way back we spotted a little corner vegetable stand that had great LOW prices so we stopped and boy am I glad we did. We got 8 lbs of potatoes for $1.49, 7 lbs of oranges for $1.00 yep  that’s right one dollar. 1/2 flat of strawberries $10 oh man I could go on and on… Once Janice and Dave Evans got here we showed them this little jewel we found, she was excited.
Oh and while we were there we saw this Bus with a little foreign writing on it. LOL Just for you Janice Binns and Janice Evans…
Moved over to Morgan Hill Thousand Trails, just north of Gilroy CA, this morning and met up with Janice and Dave Evans. Got a sweet pull through facing the Evans so we have a great big yard to share in between us… Yeah. Janice and I will be planning a lot of things to do during our three week stay here. Like I said lots to do and lots of great friends to do it with. Marilu and John Neally rolled in here Thursday 04/16/15. Along with Janice and Dave Evans we planned to go on our first adventure today Friday… We went to the Natural Bridge State Park, which gets it's name for this natural rock in the water were all the birds and pelicans congregate. BONUS...The surfers, and they were lots of them, were all just waiting for that PERFECT wave… We had heard the waves were going to be massive today. I bet even some of them guys took off work today to catch these awesome waves.
As you can see in the pictures a surfer was standing on a cliff. Surprisingly he jumped off that cliff into the water, board and all. That took some kind of guts for sure.
We stopped at Taco Bell for a quick bite and then it was off to the next adventure. Boy was it ever an adventure. Henry Coe State Park which is on top of a mountain. Very curvy drive yet beautiful all at the same time. Here we spoke to a ranger which explained it was a 12,000 acre ranch that was donated by the Coe family.

Well until next time Happy Trails and Safe Travels.