Saturday, September 20, 2014

Driveway Blues

Well we still have not heard anything on the appraisal that was done a few days ago. In the meantime I'll tell you a little bit of what we have added in the MH while living in the driveway. My wonderful hubs replaced our Norcold RV fridge with a Samsung residential fridge. Then we added the straps I made for traveling days.
Ed also installed the washer/dryer combo he got for me. Yea!
He did a little rebuild for me as well. I really did like the first pantry he built, I just could not get use to the sliding doors. So he did some re-thinking and oh yeah, did he ever come up with a brilliant idea. We went to Lowe's and he found some window shutters. He added a little support to the doors and then added some magnet fasteners to hold it shut. WoW that worked out great.
I tell you it is so wonderful to have a handy man for a husband.
Thank You Honey
I Love You to the moon and back!!!

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OH Yeah... I almost forgot the Sat Dish, well duh.
I had to do me some high powered talking to get this baby!