Friday, September 5, 2014

In the Beginning

Ed, Cricket and I have been RVing for many many years. Ed and I have been married for 18 years but each of us have been camping since we were kids. Now that we are retired we have decided to sell all our belongings and go full time and tour the country. We put our house on the market in July 2014 and moved into our motor coach and are awaiting the closing on the house so we can hit the road. We also have a Jeep Liberty that we tow. In the meantime we are camping here in the driveway.

As soon as the house closes we will fly to Miami FL for Ed to meet a long last daughter he hasn't seen since she was 2 mo old. She is now 39... WoW,  I know sad, But he just found her through Facebook she was told by her Mother that he was dead, murdered while working in the CIA. The wonderful thing is she kept the Hurlburt name which is how he finally found her. She had kept her info on FB private and only went public 2 weeks before he found her. Amazing how life works out. So our first trip will be to meet her then it will be back to the coach and start to make our way out west to the California coast. We have kids in San Diego so we will visit with them before heading up the west coast to Oregon and Washington State across to Montana and so on, of course there will be many stops along the way. Stay tuned and follow along with us on our adventures. We will be posting many pictures as well as reviews on all the campgrounds we stay at and report back to you. Have a great day and Happy Camping Y'all!