Saturday, October 18, 2014

First Trip out after House Closing

After closing on the house Friday Oct 10th and celebrating with friends, we finished out the weekend at Thousand Trails Lake Conroe. Monday morning Oct 13 we headed out to Thousand Trails Colorado River in Columbus. OMG did we pick a bad day to travel, we hit some terrible weather. In spots we had blinding rain and then high winds on top of that. Thank goodness it didn’t last for any long periods of time.

Grateful for our good friends Janice and Dave Evans, Janice had lunch ready for us once we got all set up. She had yummy Pork Stew and Jalapeno cornbread. To tell you what a good friend she is, she even fixed Ed Chicken Stew and regular cornbread because she knows he can’t eat much Pork and he doesn’t do Jalapenos. Now folks that there is a good friend. Thank You Janice… But with all the bad weather came the good, Monday night temps went down in the 50’s and Tuesday night temps went down into the 40’s. Each day has been so beautiful, full of Sunshine, low temps with a cool breeze. The deer are really moving around. The first morning we saw a Buck chase the Lady Deer around, that was so funny. Bless his heart they didn’t want anything to do with him. YET… LOL
Tuesday night we did Potluck and played a new game called Candy Bingo, that was a lot of fun. Wed was Janice's’ Birthday so we treated her and Dave to a Mexican Lunch in town. Cause we love her… Then Thursday Janice brought over everything to do a Fish Fry. Boy howdy did she did good, we had homemade potato chips, onion straws and Fish, I made a salad and we were all set. That evening we drove into Katy to the Best Buy and bought a new Nikon Camera with a 60x zoom for taking great pictures just like Janice. I love this camera, I think it will be great to take on the road and boy do I plan on doing a lot of traveling this coming year. Above are just a few pictures Ed took today. We are just getting the feel of this camera, I’m sure we will get better at taking pictures as we learn.  Oh and here is a young spike Buck Ed shot with the new camera this morning.
Friday I made BBQ Ribs, potato salad, beans and pickled cucumber and onions. Sat Janice and I ran into town for a few things when we got back Janice made a Baked Spaghetti and garlic hot rolls for Lunch. It was awesome!! I feel so blessed to be able to enjoy life with such good friends.

Until next time, Happy Trails and Safe Travels…