Thursday, October 2, 2014

The End is in Sight?

Hi Y'all
Here is the new update on our adventurers of "The House Sale" The end is in sight????
Here ya go... We got the the eMail Monday night at 11:30 pm that the buyers wanted to close Friday morning. WoW, after months of waiting and waiting BOOM everything is in fast forward. Tuesday morning we are on the phone with our agent setting up a closing time for Friday then it's off to Livingston TX to get our new address with Escapees then to DPS to change our drivers license and last stop was at the tax office to register our Rig and Car in Polk Co. Everything happening now is like a blurr... Wednesday morning we get up, get on the phone to change all our important stuff like credit cards etc. Also contacting the electric and water company. It's Thursday and of course a snag!!!! We get a call from the buyer herself... No closing Friday morning because she has to gather up her divorce papers from 15 yrs ago. Thank God she did have them but packed away at the very back of her storage place. She went to get them and sent them to lender. Ok, we're good, Right? Oh No.... Now it's 1:00 pm we get a call from our agent and the lenders want the papers we previously eSigned, RE-Signed in real hand writing before they would except them. On top of everything else while this is going on, last night we get a call from our bank. It's the FRAUD dept... Ed's debit card number was used for several purchases at a Walgreen's in Brooklyn NY. Really!!!! Needless to say we had to go to the bank this morning and sign some papers and he had to get a new debit card with a new number. On a good note our agent said there is still a slight chance we could still close in the morning. Otherwise it will be Monday before we can close and that's if they can fit us in. So here we are still sitting in the driveway with reservations in place. Thank goodness they can be changed without a problem. I am ONLY going to think good and positive thoughts until this all gets settled. We can sure use the prayer warriors right about now. We need that Guardian Angel to hop on our shoulders and smile down on us... The saga continues so stay tuned.