Saturday, October 11, 2014

It’s Been a Long Time Coming

Hi everyone,
It has finally come true. Our dream of selling the house and hitting the road has finally happened.
The closing was set for last Friday but at the last minute the lenders wanted more information from the buyer. The lender said if they got all the paperwork they needed we could close on Monday. Monday came and went with no word. Tuesday afternoon we get a call from our agent, the lenders want another termite report, Really!!!! The first termite report said we had termites so we addressed that by having Orkin come in for a second opinion. Orkin said we did NOT have termites but we had them go ahead and do a preventative treatment anyway. Of course the treatment report Orkin gave us was not on the right form for the lenders and that’s why we had to have another termite inspection. We met the inspector at the house at 8:00 am to have the inspection done and get the report on the right form. Then we met our agent so he could scan the report over to the lender. Now we have the ok to close Thursday afternoon. Well it's Thursday at 11:00 and we get a text from our agent, the Title Company still has NOT received all the documents from the lenders and so.... we're still sitting here waiting on the call to go to closing. The Title Company was even willing to stay after hours to close if they got the paperwork. Just got the call at 12:45 pm the Title Company says they have all the documents and we are good to close tomorrow Friday at 2 pm. We'll see.... Happy Dance is on HOLD...
YEA!!!! We did it. It finally happened! We closed on the house. I am beyond excited. We called our friends Tammy and Chuck and had them meet us at Outback to celebrate with us. I had told Ed once we finally closed I was going to have  Champagne and Lobster and I had just that. Boy was it good too... Now it on to bigger and better adventures. We will be here in Conroe until Monday then it's on to Columbus Tx for a few weeks. 
Until next time, Safe Travels and Happy Trails.