Sunday, November 23, 2014

Almost Blown Away

Day 5
Rolling on down the road headed to Deming New Mexico. We go through El Paso and the traffic is completely bumper to bumper all the way across town. We finally get to the other side and 15 minutes outside of town the road goes down to one lane and then detoured off the west bound side to a single lane on the east bound side. Not so bad, everyone cooperated and the transition went smoothly.
We get to the New Mexico state line and pull into the welcome center for a pit stop for Cricket.
Back on the road again and a little ways down the road we have yet another detour… This time we see a sign with flashing lights which says “All vehicles must exit the freeway when flashing” Well you guessed it, it was flashing. We pulled in and it’s a Border Patrol check point.
I told Ed I feel like we're in that movie “We are the Miller's”  We must keep calm and don’t look nervous. LOL The officer only asked "how many are aboard and if both were from the US" and then he waved us on… WoW, Top security at it’s finest.. Glad I didn’t panic! Then we were rolling again headed to Deming NM. About 2:45 we pulled into Low-Hi RV Ranch in Deming for a 2 night stay. This Passport America park is completely gravel with pretty level and roomy sites. We got a pull through site, #52 second from the beginning of the row. Great spot… yeah, I thought so until the wicked wind blew in. OMG, it just kept getting stronger and stronger. It started out being 20 mph and then 37 and the with gusts of 49. All this started around 9 am by 10 or so we decided to pull in the slide (the one the wind was hitting) and even put down the sat dish, Yeah, it was that bad! We had scheduled some sight seeing but that didn’t happen. Oh well, it’s back on the road in the morning headed to Tucson AZ and the Adventure Continues. Until next time Happy Trails and Safe Travels everyone.