Sunday, November 30, 2014

Highway Adventures

Leaving New Mexico today and crossing over into Arizona. Our first stop along the way for a 1 night stay, is in Tucson Arizona at a small, yet nice and friendly RV park.
Whispering Palms RV Park
3445 N Romero Dr
Tucson AZ
Here we met a very nice couple from Alaska, Peggy and Phil. On their coach and tow vehicle they had personalized plates. The coach has “Home 4 2” and the tow vehicle has “I B Toad” I would love to do this to our coach. So cute.
Back on the road and headed to Verde Valley in Cottonwood Arizona and the scenery is incredible. The mountains and the rock formations are so wonderful.
DSCN0402 DSCN0403DSCN0405DSCN0404
DSCN0429DSCN0444DSCN0433DSCN0444DSCN0463 These cactus only grow in certain parts of AZ

Yea… we have reached our first, of many destinations, Thousand Trails Verde Valley in Cottonwood AZ. We get all set up and we really need to find a grocery store to get some bread and milk. Well… we ask and guess what? There is a super Walmart 4.5 miles up the road. Yep, off we go…
While there I find a great little red kitchen aid type mixer It's small and RV friendly…
Until next time, Happy Trails and Safe Travels…