Sunday, November 30, 2014

Adventure’s in Sight Seeing

All set up at Verde Valley Thousand Trails in site C 43... This is what we have just a few steps away from our camp site. I great little waterfall which is just a small stream off the Verde River. It’s very nice and quiet here.
Our first day out sight seeing we drove to Sedona then we went to Old Town  Cottonwood, along the way we got some great pictures of the colorful mountains.
Old Town Cottonwood was very small and most of the shops were closed. But still interesting.
Then it was off to Jerome… and some lunch at the Haunted Hamburger.
The restaurant was a small little house that had been converted from a boarding house for miners. We ordered the Haunted Burger and it was pretty good. We didn’t get to see anything ghostly, dangit… I was very disappointed of course.

While walking the town I got some really interesting pictures. The Post Office.
DSCN0529DSCN0556Box # 1313
The whole town of Jerome seems to have been a Hot Bed for the ladies of the evening for these miners. Just Sayin' by everything I'm seeing and reading...

The ride up the side of that steep mountain was well worth the drive. At times it seemed as if we were headed straight up. Jerome is a really neat town. If your ever in the area it’s a must to visit. Just DO NOT take your rig!!! the roads are extremely narrow and there are many, many dangerous curves to tackle.
Next on the list was the ghost town of Jerome. DSCN0532
DSCN0535DSCN0558DSCN0562DSCN0559DSCN0563DSCN0565DSCN0567DSCN0570DSCN0571DSCN0575DSCN0578DSCN0573DSCN0582DSCN0579DSCN0580DSCN0583DSCN0585DSCN0586DSCN0587DSCN0588DSCN0590There were some nice old cars and trucks stored there. I think the owner of this Ghost Town is sitting on a gold mine of his own…
Well that’s all for today kids until next time, Happy Trails and Safe Travels.