Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Car Adventure, an unexpected delay….

Sunday while out sight seeing the car started acting up. We were headed back from the V bar V Ranch the engine light started to blink and I was loosing power. Every time I tried to give it gas it would shake really bad. All the way back home we could only go about 40 mph but at least we made it back safely. The next morning Ed went out to see if his car code kit would tell him just what was going on. He came back in telling me he was puzzled, the code reader was throwing too many code. Hanging around outside, because the weather was so beautiful,  I decided to dig out the Christmas decorations and do a little decorating. About that time our neighbor came over and told Ed about this auto repair place in town he had heard did good work, so Ed went in and called them. They said to bring it in in the morning. In the mean time I put up the tree and some lights over the slides. We have a fireplace but we use it every night for heat and I couldn't hang the stockings there so I had to be creative. It works... I even strung some lights around the outside lamp post.
This morning we went into town to the  Black Hills Auto Repair in Cottonwood AZ to have the car looked at. Jimmy, the manager, took the car out for a ride then took it in the bay and did some tests on her. We were there maybe 30 minutes, when Jimmy came out and told us he did all the tests there was to do and could not find anything wrong. He suggested we may have gotten some bad gas… WoW, unbelievable and a little scary too. I was really relieved I just knew it was going be a high ticket problem, not to mention the cost of a rent car while ours was being worked on. Fingers crossed, it was just a fluke. When Ed asked the man “what do I owe you?” Jimmy replied, “oh, $20.00 outta do it”. What?!?! all that for only $20.00. Jimmy said, “I could change parts all day just by guessing because it's only throwing misfire codes, but why should you pay for something you don’t need”. Before we left he told Ed if it started doing it again to give him a call. Even though they are closed on Sat and Sun if it happened on a Fri, Ed could still call him and he would come down on a Sat to check it out. Now that’s service you don’t see anymore. Old school service… It still exists.
Black Hills Auto
Until next time… Happy Trails and Safe Travels Y’all.
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