Friday, December 5, 2014

Another Awesome Arizona Adventure

Here are some great pictures we took while on our walking tour of Montezuma Castle National Monument. Here a prehistoric culture flourished in the Verde Valley for thousands of years. They were advanced in agriculture and they were a great influence to the neighboring cultures- the Hohokam to the south and the Northern Sinagua to the north. These large pueblos are built on hill tops and inside cliffs. They consist of many levels with terraces overlooking their fields and the major streams where they got their water for drinking and watering their crops. I could go on and on with the story of these unique cliff dwellers. It’s just so interesting. Even the trees are breath taking. I could not stop taking pictures of them. You really need to see this place in person to get the full effect. Pictures DO NOT do this place justice.
Later on we drove up to Montezuma’s Well. We had to go back to the Highway and to the next exit where we drove through a neat little small town which lead us to the well. Here at Montezuma’s Well there were more cliff dwellings. This well is like NO other, it’s an oasis in the harsh desert and home of some species found nowhere else. It is the ancestral home and a place of great power for the Native Americans who once lived there. Everyday the well is replenished with 1.5 million gallons of new water. The well is completely surrounded by a mountain where once cliff dwellers lived. Oh My, another breath taking sight… Here are the pictures again they don’t do this place justice. Some are looking down into the well and some are looking up from the bottom of the well where we explored caves also built in the sides of the mountains.
I wanted to share our adventure with you, I really hope you enjoy all these wonderful pictures.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot… On the way down to the car I spotted this Old Timer. LOL
Until next time y’all…  Happy Trails and Safe Travels!